We’re on a mission to accelerate women leaders for the future. 100 WOMEN is a women-led movement harnessing the network power of 12,000 UNC business alumnae to attract top female students and mentor them from prospective students to current students and young alumni to become strong, ambitious, and collaborative female leaders. Women supporting women.

Meet the women
behind the

MBA Class of 1982

Kit Bredrup

BA Class of 1989, MBA Class of 1993

Sherry Wallace

MBA Class of 1987

Kathryn Black

MBA Class of 1999

Kathy Boden Holland

MBA Class of 1993

Giselle Bonzi

MBA Class of 2017

BSBA Class of 1994

Kim Brunson

BSBA Class of 1983

BSBA Class of 1999

Linda Clarkson

BSBA Class of 1990

Charlene Dark

MBA Class of 2007

MBA Class of 1979

Michelle Ford

MBA Class of 2017

Kathryn Garaventa

MBA Class of 2020

Matt Laycock

BSBA Class of 2001

Mary Moore Hamrick

JD, MBA Class of 1987

Jeanne Hecht

Jeff Hoffman

MBA Class of 1993

BA Class of 1995

Harmonie Jacobson

MBA Class of 2020

Michelle Johnstone

MBA Class of 2018

Francie Keenan

BSBA Class of 1976

Taylor MacKinnon Boyle

MBA Class of 2018

Minni Marwaha

MBA, MHA Class of 2008

Nancy Millett

BSBA Class of 1983

Nancy Pergolizzi

BSBA Class of 1977

Catherine Sartin

MBA Class of 2020

Mimi Schwartz

MBA Class of 1993

Margaret Ullrich

BSBA Class of 1986

Melinda Walker

MBA Class of 1996

Kathi Willis

BSBA Class of 1994

Parker Wilson

MBA Class of 2011

Stephanie Winans

MBA Class of 2016